Dòw gie

Dòw gie

/dou kje/

[七`人 - Dòw ba "Dòw people"]

Ancestral Knack: Cookery
Ancestral Wing: Human
Demonym: Dòw ba
National Language: Dòw lálá
Population: 51,200
Ancestral wing: Human

Dòw gie (Dòw lálá: 七`凷 "Cookery populace") is the Fairysphere's most populous knack-state by a large margin, bearing the ancestral knack of cookery. Its mother site is located on the southern coast of Show. Out of the 51,200[1] Dòw ba making up the state, some 26,000 are integrated among other continents. Due to the slave trade having established a significant presence of Dòw ba throughout the sphere, Dòw gie is the only state of which the emigrant population is truly comparable to the mainland population. However, since the end of the slave trade, the healing and life-extending capacities of Dòw cookery have compounded with the mainland community's recent rise in patriotism, lowering death and emigration rates and contributing to southern Show's recent density and overpopulation.

From the years 55-79, young and technically promising Dòw ba were trafficked to Coppa Etta and sold into slavery as private chefs for individuals of noble status due to their ability to grant longevity and strength through cooking. Some of these Dòw ba integrated into society, but their small communities faced cultural isolation for over five decades until the surge in immigration following the establishment of the Show-Coppa waylines. This long period of cultural isolation caused the development of the far-reaching Stray dòw ba (Pidgin dòw lálá: cayero七`vas "Street dòw guys") communities.

Dòw gie's culture has, historically, been very linked to food. Due to the extremely wide range of the human diet, the size of Dòw gie's mainland population across southern Show, and the influence of its ancestral knack, its cuisine is very diverse and celebrated around the sphere. Making heavy use of white rice, bread plums, pork, and wheat noodles, mainland Dòw cuisine is renowned for its rich flavors and abundance of nutrients. Authentic Dòw food prepared by technically skilled Dòw ba chefs can be found throughout the Fairysphere, though most nostably along the eastern coast of Coppa Etta and across Show itself.


The mainland population of Dòw gie is 95% human. However, humans comprise only 66% of its total technic population. Stray dòw ba

  1. According to the Y2C census↩︎