A knack is a paternally inherited, ascientific ability expressed principally through the creation of a specific good. Knacks were given to fairykind by God during Technigenesis. There currently exist eleven (9) knacks out of the thirteen (12) that were originally granted.

Knacks are used throughout the Fairysphere for recreational, professional, and military purposes. Ascientific items

Typically, a technic will develop mental connections linking ingredients or practices to effects, but in reality, the ascientific attribute of a creation is solely based on the intention of the technic during the working process. It has been shown that these superstitions help to accelerate the learning process by grounding the ascience in concrete techniques, though this might limit a technic working outside of ideal conditions. For example, Dòw ba technics traditionally link ginger to perception-altering effects and believe bread plums are the most ascientifically inert ingredient due to their lack of flavor.


Cookery is the knack shared by technic members of the Dòw gie population. With it, one can imbue dishes with certain ascientific effects depending on their degree of mastery. Dishes prepared with cookery often simply possess an augmented nutritional value and some degree of subtle healing ability—nearly all Dòw ba have the intuitive ability to prepare dishes of this caliber. With more skill, cookery can be used to imbue food with strength-enhancing ascience,

Typically, a technic will develop mental connections between ingredients and effects, but the ascientific attribute of the final dish is solely based on the intention of the chef. Forming mental connections help


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